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Cards are used frequently on website pages and in apps. A Card is a block that includes a picture at the top, a text area and a link to “MORE”. When dragging a card from the toolbox, you are presented with a property page that requests you to specify.

You can make a choice for a card size, (it depends on the size of the cell you drop it into. You can choose for a text that will be shown in the card picture, you can edit the card text and you can decide which page will be called if the link on the card is used.

You are also asked to choose a text for this link (the default is “MORE”).


The card is then placed on the page. It is essential that you make a choice for the grid layout where the card is placed. If the card is small, place it on a cell that is 3 units wide. If it is larger, place it into a larger cell.


To do it right, you need to experiment with it and find out which cell size is the right one for your page.


You can double click on the cell picture. The property page will allow you to replace the picture to your own choice or use a color for the card header. You can also double click on the text or the link and make new choices.


Panes are a simplified variation of the card. You can choose to play these on the page to highlight elements inside them to signify importance.